A YouTube Confessional

A YouTube Confessional

Although technically classed as a Millennial, I’m certainly not the tech-obsessed stereotype. I send hand written cards while peers fire off emails, I spend my days drawing fashion models while contemporaries are coding in Silicon Valley* and I read actual books (ones with paper) rather than have my nose shoved up against a Kindle. I could go on …

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not a Luddite and utilise technology daily, I own a Mac for goodness sake! It’s just I prefer face-to-face time rather than FaceTime.

Given the above, it took me by surprise that i’ve well and truly embraced one modern trend: You Tube.

I don’t mean I’m glued to the screen watching hilarious cat videos but I am addicted (yes, it’s that bad) to watching fellow style-obessives’ YouTube channels. It turns out being a ‘YouTuber’ is an actual profession!

I justify this digital habit by rarely watching terrestrial television. My only guilty pleasure from time to time is watching the BBC’s ‘The One Show’ which is basically Blue Peter for grown-ups. Added self-justification comes by only watching it while doing some actual ‘adulting’ like preparing supper.

My highly informative stylish YouTube discoveries are simply too good to keep to myself hence why I’ve plucked up the courage to make this admission to you. Trust me, you will thank me for it!

My top 3 of the moment …

The channel of style website SheerLuxe which is an online lifestyle magazine featuring news and views on the latest and most desirable fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle products, brands, destinations and services available. I particularly love the behind-the scenes episodes of the office goings on with their fashionable girly shenanigans.

A Model Recommends 
The channel of fashion model, writer and beauty insider Ruth Crilly. Ruth shares her extensive beauty and fashion knowledge via regular episodes ranging from product reviews, beauty favourites and the one I love the most ‘A Week in My Life’. The latter contains vlog filming of Ruth’s everyday home and work life. Ruth’s openness and honestly makes me feel like Ruth’s a friend – I know, send help!

Trinny London
Trinny Woodall, famous for ‘What Not To Wear’ in the early 2000s, now flies solo without Susanna and runs Trinny London – an extremely well researched, affordable premium make up brand. Her accompanying YouTube channel provides content spanning make-up, beauty, fashion and healthy living. Trinny’s bubbly personality and enthusiasm radiates from the screen and she certainly knows her stuff.

Happy watching!


*Disclaimer: I don’t even know what coding is, do you?!


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