Notes from a stationery addict

Notes from a stationery addict

OK, we’ll admit it up front, straight out of the box, we’re stationery addicts, 100 per cent!

We stand in the stationery department at Selfridges and drool at the notebooks (a girl just can’t carry them all) – we are particularly in love with these cute Paris inspired notebooks from Rifle Paper at the moment and we certainly need one of these Arne Jacobsen typographic books each to keep our Just Add Stamp ideas in – Scandi cool! And don’t get us started on classic Smythson – this A4 writing set would look so beautiful on any desk, if you have the budget!

Whilst day-to-day stationery has been in decline over the last few years, with our smart phones and pads taking centre stage for keeping shopping lists and appointments, we are happy to see that there has been a continuing rise in the luxury stationery market – it seems that we are not alone and that many of us find that there is no substitute for paper and pen when it comes to keeping track of our dreams and planning the big things in life – we like to call it ‘plotting and jotting’. And when it comes to showing someone you care, a text or email simply doesn’t cut it – a hand written card or note received in the post can make a day!

We just love the smooth, cool Bauhaus lines of a Leuchtturm notebook or the enduring classic of Moleskin – it says something about a person, like the handbag you carry or the clothes you wear. These days, stationery trends tap into fashion – a gorgeous notebook is a fashion accessory that we are proud to get out at a meeting. Just make sure your pens and pencils match – no chewed BICs to be seen here!

If you, like us, were obsessed with pens as a child (think a different colour for each list or page of your diary), you probably still carry a rainbow of coloured fineliners and markers, pencils and handful of writing pens everywhere you go – you can’t use three different coloured highlighters on your iphone after all! Maybe that’s part of the attraction – a connection with our childhood selves. Whereas we view our adult notebooks as tools for planning, remembering and documenting, we still just love the joy of filling them. The problem is, like true addicts, we are constantly seeking the ‘writing on the first page thrill’ which is what fuels our addiction and why our shelves are full of unused, pristine notebooks – well every project deserves a new book, doesn’t it 😉


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